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Research Education Author of this article: Zhihui 2023-08-16
Help children realize self -worth
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August13Day,The representative office of Jing'an District, the Shanghai Charity Foundation、Guidance of the Social Organization Federation of Jing'an District, Shanghai,Shanghai Jing'an Junai Public Welfare Development Service Center hosted & ldquo;2023Junai Sichuan Youth Shanghai Summer Camp,The Heyi Zhizun Hotel owned by the first brigade Rujia Hotel Group is successfully settled!

From Sichuan Deyang Mianzhu Hanwang、Aba Prefecture Wenchuan County and Pingwu Mountain in Pingwu Mountain in Mianyang30Students and in Mingshan District6Teachers in the mountainous area participated in this Shanghai Summer Camp,History was carried out during the period、Technology、Culture、Art and other colorful summer camps。


Self2013Since the first issue of the year,The first brigade Rujia Hotel Group has accompanied Junai Shanghai summer camp for ten years,Opening this summer camp、The closing venue supporting Fang is He Zhizun Hotel Shanghai Xuhui Store。The first phase of the Children of Sichuan campers thrive with the help of all parties,Now I have entered a college or entered the workplace,Some even inherit the concept of public welfare,Become the Volunteer of Junai New。On the Camp Ceremony,188bet online sports bettingMs. Zhu Yuezhang, Chairman of Junai Charity, & ldquo; good at learning、Keep upright、Know how to be grateful & rdquo; Encourage encouragement for children,First Brigade Rujia Love Representative and He Zhizun Hotel-Ms. Qiu Yuanqing and other guests of Shanghai Xuhui Store also sent blessings to children。


For the ten years of support for the first tour of the first brigade Rujia Hotel,188bet online sports bettingMs. Zhu Yuezhang, Chairman of Junai Public Welfare, awarded & ldquo; ten years of contribution & rdquo; thank you certificate,I awarded & ldquo; Love Ambassador & RDQUO; Certificate。First Brigade Rujia Hotel Group Love Representative、Ms. Zhu Yuezhang, Chairman of Junai Public Welfare, and love guests from many other industries30Sichuan students awarded a camping certificate and witnessed together2023The successful end of the summer camp.

On the Camp Ceremony,Sichuan teachers and students combined with experience sharing and wonderful programs,Dedicated a plump content、Various forms of report performances。Students broaden their vision during the summer camp、Rich learning,More through teamwork、Self -expansion and interaction with mentors and volunteers,Enhance their social ability、Organizational ability and innovative thinking。Children not only gain knowledge and skills,It also cultivates confidence in the good yearning for future life and bravery facing challenges。

August14On the day, the children ended for a period10The journey of the sky,Back to Sichuan with full gains and beautiful memories,Touring towards your dream。


For this, the students of the mountainous area and the mountain teachers provide accommodation support.,General Manager Mr. Jiang Jun heard that some children have always wanted to taste Shanghai'188bet apps characteristic breakfast & ldquo; Four King Kong& rdquo;,Packing food and souvenirs for students in advance,The students also left a warm message blessing,Passing moving and warmth。


The first brigade Rujia Hotel Group has been committed to helping special children、The youth groups in the mountains enter more public vision,being tolerated and accepted by the public。I hope to rely on more social media,Can make these children、Teenagers can establish and improve social relations network,To create your future life、The foundation of realizing self -worth。The appointment of ten years is successfully ended,Children of Junai,Look forward to see you next year!

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