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Certificate of Privacy Property Protection

This event was organized and managed by Beijing Jianhui Tourism Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; we & rdquo;) as the organizer。When you are visiting activity information、Registration and participating in the event (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; service & rdquo;),Please read this privacy policy carefully。This privacy policy is designed to help you understand which data we will collect、Why collect these data,What will you use these data to do and how to protect these data。Please read this privacy policy carefully,Use this service after confirming and consent。


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When we provide services,May collect the following 188bet sports betting app downloadpersonal information related to you:

1、The information you enter/select in the form involved in this page includes: name、Mobile phone number、Company、Job。Please pay attention,The information you need to fill in may be different according to the different products/services we provided,Please fill in the relevant personal information,But we will explain to you the collection and use rules of relevant personal information below。


2、Behavior data: Your behavior information during your use of this service。We will collect your visit、Terminal behavior and performance when using this service,The data collected and stored in the process include, but not limited to: your browse、Share、Forward、Click and which channel to click to enter this interface and other behavioral information。


3、What you need to pay attention to is,The above personal information is you voluntarily provided。This information is necessary for our organizational operation and management of this event,You can refuse to provide us with 188bet appthis information,But may not be able to use the corresponding service normally、Function or the effect that it cannot be achieved。


4、We will use the personal information collected above or entrust our technical partners to pass the mail、SMS、Electric sales and other methods to contact you,and communicate with you this or other services with artificial or voice robots、Product、Event and other related matters。If you are unwilling to receive these messages,You can follow the mail、SMS、The prompt on the phone refuses to receive these messages,We will not send you this kind of message again。



2. How do we store information


1. Place of information storage

We will follow laws and regulations,Store the personal information collected in the country in China。


2. The time limit for information storage

Generally speaking,We only keep your personal information for the time for the purpose of achieving the goal,After exceeding the above period,,We will delete or perform anonymous processing of your information (that is, it will process your personal information so that your identity 188bet appcannot be identified by any third party)。Please pay attention,If the law、The preservation period stipulated in administrative regulations is not expired,or delete personal information that is difficult to achieve from technically,We will stop personal information processing except for storage and adopt necessary security measures。


3. Safety measures

To ensure your information security,We will follow industry traffic standards、Efforts to take reasonable physics、Security measures in electronic and management to protect your information,and do everything in business efforts so that your information will not be leaked、Destruction or loss,Including but not limited to SSL、Information encryption storage、Data Center access control。The access rights of your personal information are limited to those who complete work tasks in accordance with this policy or do technical maintenance work.。The information we collect is stored in a safe operating environment that is not open to the 188bet sports betting app downloadpublic。To avoid unauthorized access,We save it in a server that is protected by firewall and may encrypt.。



3. Your right


1、  Review, copy, transfer right

You can contact us to check for、Copy your personal information。You also have the right to transfer personal information to other personal information processors in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations。


2, correct, supplement authority

You have the right to contact us to correct or supplement the wrong or incomplete personal information。


3. Withdrawing the right of consent

You can contact us to withdraw the consent of our personal information。


4. Delete right

If you actively delete your personal information,We will delete your information for anonymous processing in accordance with laws and regulations。


5. Get the right to explain

You have the right to ask us to explain the privacy policy and how we handle your personal information。



4. Protection of minors


We attach importance to the personal information protection of minors。According to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations,If you are a minor,Visit、Before using this service, 188bet sports betting app downloadyou should obtain your guardian's consent in advance。




5. Contact us


If you have any problems with this policy、Suggestion or complaint or plan to exercise3Your rights, you can send mail toOrservice@tripvivid.com or call our customer service phone010-58039098and other ways to contact us.



6. Applicable laws


This privacy policy is applicable to the law of the People's Republic of China.



7. Change



We will revise the privacy policy in a timely manner,The company will release the modified privacy policy。But without your clear consent,We will not reduce the rights you should enjoy according to the privacy policy。If you continue to use this service after the new version of privacy policy takes effect,means the constraints that agree to accept the revised privacy policy。

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188bet sports betting app download

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