In January this year, the total number of Chinese tourists reached 280,000,Living in South Korea's entry customer source market first,recovery rate reaches 71%。
Chuanhui 13 days ago
By then, the whole city is only 5 hours for Saipan Island.,The convenience of travel will be further improved。
Chuanhui 26 days ago
Tongcheng travel is in response to the tourism market demand in the new era,The plan will focus on young groups。
Chuanhui 26 days ago
Alipay is becoming a treasure chest for immigrants,No need to search for the characteristics of clicking, the characteristics of the immigrants are greatly expanded.。
Chuanhui 47 days ago
Ctrip 318 is the first large -scale off -season marketing activity launched in 2024,The number of participants increased by 127%year -on -year。
Chuanhui 51 days ago
This cooperation is the first time the two parties announced the further expand and strengthening of the partnership relationship in 2020。
Chuanhui 51 days ago
This cooperation aims to deepen the exchanges and cooperation between China and Kazakhstan in the tourism field,Jointly promote the prosperity and development of the tourism industry。
Chuanhui 51 days ago
Saipan Crown Holiday Hotel Resort offers mountain view rooms、Sea view room、Home House、Sets such as suite and barrier -free rooms。
Chuanhui 54 days ago
The CEREMONY Marked the SUCCESSFUL CULMINATION of the Larges Gandhara Exhibition in China's History.
Tripvivid 56 days ago
At the site of this conference, the 15th major theme product series,More than a hundred European travel routes。
Chuanhui 60 days ago
As of 2021,About 20 million people have participated in tennis movement,It has become the world's second largest tennis country。
Chuanhui 67 days ago
2023 New Zealand Winter,69%of Chinese holiday tourists experienced geothermal parks and mud hot springs。
Chuanhui 69 days ago
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