For tourist products,Opening sales is just the first step,Subsequent experience performance is the real challenge。
Jianhui 27 days ago
Data display,Since April,"Rural Food" in the platform、"Village picking" keywords increased by 2 times year -on -year。
Jianhui 35 days ago
Report for the solid process of promoting the modernization of Chinese -style tourism,Construction of Chinese independent tourism discipline knowledge system is significant。
Jianhui 2024-01-29
The book is edited by Professor Wang Jinwei, Professor Wang Jinwei of the School of Tourism Science, Institute of Foreign Languages ​​in Beijing。
Jianhui 2024-01-29
​​Plumb the Ningbo Cultural Tourism Brand Business Card,Continue to promote the recovery of the tourism market
Jianhui 2023-12-22
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Ctrip co -founder and executive chairman

President of the China Tourism Association Leisure and Holiday Branch、Chief Expert of the Expert Committee of the World Tourism City Federation

Mid -level cadres,Three non -best -selling authors,Trading seven reputation ginseng semi -scenic spots,After billions of dollars of investment ups and downs。

The founder and CEO

Vice President of Jingyu Donkey Mom Group、Tourists of Tourism will be promoted、Vice Dean of China Theme Park Research Institute、Director of the Creative Tourism Special Committee of the Shanghai Creative Industry Association。
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